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For nearly a decade, professional and Web Marketer and Developer Michael W. Maguire has been building his knowledge base and skills in a variety of advanced marketing mediums. Maguire has always placed important emphasis on honed project management skills, even since the earliest days of his career, and today drives a variety of digital marketing campaigns from inception to completion and achieves exceptional results.   

The secret to his success? A combination of balanced brainstorming, deriving new and innovative ideas from a myriad of online and offline sources, and breaking the mold of traditional web marketing through bold new forms of testing. Maguire has the knowledge and expertise to deftly handle any project’s technical and developmental responsibilities, and understands the need for focused direction and intelligent leadership for diverse group of cross-functional web teams.  

The Difference in the Field
If these management skills and out-of-the-box thinking sound like the exact attributes you need to improve your web marketing, it’s because they are! But where Michael W. Maguire truly stands out is summoning these talents at will and putting them into profitable practice for all his clients.

In addition to development, Maguire also continuously creates unified marketing strategies, personally tackles technical issues, bugs, and implementation, and streamlines complex processes – daily. He thrives on learning new systems and platforms, understands and appreciates the power of modern automation for tried-and-true revenue-generating programs, and works side-by-side with his team members toward common goals.  

When you’re looking to build your business through cutting-edge theory and old-fashioned hard work, look to Michael W. Maguire to take your web marketing to the next level!


My Skills

Innovative Web Expertise That Exceeds Expectation


Having worked with some of the top international companies on Shopify (Blink, Alps & Meters, Oofos, and others), Michael W. Maguire has the eCommerce talents you need to take your business global. Take advantage of such advanced capabilities as: Page Design & Development, App Research & Implementation, Product Management & Updates, Domain & Shop Setup and Management, Localization & Analytics, and more…

Web Development

Exceptional web development is all about simplified, effective UX, and the ability to make digital magic behind the scenes. Michael Maguire has the expertise and experience necessary to do just that, and offer a variety of exciting elements to any online product, including websites, landing pages, micro-sites and direct email marketing campaigns: Visual Design, HTML/CSS, FTP Setups, Staging Environments, SSL Certificates, Backups, and more…

Digital Marketing

Michael W. Maguire offers short and long-term digital marketing strategy and the technical skills necessary to implement both effectively. From scoping, budgeting, and QA to launch, troubleshooting, and analytics, Maguire has the talent to see you through to the end: Email, PPC, SEO, Social, Content, Analytics, Mobile, CRM Management, and more…

Project Management

Michael W. Maguire has collaborated with countless development and creative teams in order to understand and manage various complex site builds. He has the experience you want to manage design & development teams and vendors, as well as the vision and foresight to scope project requirements and prepare budgets, from start to finish.

Marketing Automation

Using the industry’s most sophisticated technology, Michael W. Maguire can implement automation abilities in all design platforms, across all devices. Having sharpened his skills with clients such as Marketo, Hubspot, Mailchimp & Bronto, Maguire now boasts an impressive arsenal of automation tools with which to make your business truly stand out: Nurture & Drip Campaigns, Abandoned Cart & Product Retargeting, Reward Email Campaigns, Integrated PPC Search, Display & Social Media Automation, and more…


Michael W. Maguire has worked with a broad range of clients in both the B2B and B2C space. Certified in Google Analytics, Maguire takes the time to understand the nature of every business, identify important short and long-term goals, provide a roadmap for success, and optimize strategy based on results.


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Customized a Shopify plugin builder “Shogun” to develop “snippets” for content block reusability & easy page creation. View page > Built 3 international sites (EU, UK &a…

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Developed several landing pages for PPC/Social targeting niche long-tail keywords to lift conversion rate and lower cost per acquisition. Project required keyword research in Moz/SEMRush, design/pixel…

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Project Manager for building a rewards program through a Shopify app called “Swell”. Required research, cost analysis, strategizing, implementation, testing and launch. Today: Make templat…

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Took Marketo landing page template and transformed with HTML & CSS. Styling took place on front-end editor and form editor.

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